Biography, Awards and List of Credits


5 Time BMI Television Award Winner


List of Credits:


Demonwarp (Composer)                                                        TriMark Pictures        

Uninvited  (Composer)                                                           Amazing Movies

Force of The Ninja (Composer)                                             Doug Ivan Pictures

My Boss’s Daughter (Orchestrator)                                       Buena Vista

Repli-Kate (Orch/Cond)                                                         Silver Nitrate

Dance Macabre (Composer)                                                 21st Century

Skinheads (Composer)                                                          Amazing Movies

For The Love Of Nancy (Composer)                                    ABC-TV MOW

Touched By Evil (Composer)                                                 ABC-TV MOW

3 Little Ninjas And The Lost Treasure (Composer)             Doug Ivan

Fatal Vision (Source Composer)                                           NBC Productions MiniSeries

Unnatural Causes (Source Composer)                                 ITC Entertainment

State Park (Song Composer)                                                ITC Entertainment

Home Alone 4 (Orch./Cond)                                                20th Century Fox

Billionaire Boys Club  (Source/Sound Alike Prod.)             ITC Entertainment

Dark Future (Writer/Producer/Composer)                          Greydon Clark Prod’ns

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark (Song Composer/Prod)        New World Pictures

Good Advice (Orchestrator)                                                HBO Prod’ns

Russian Holiday                                                                    Greydon Clark Prod’ns

Anger Management (Orchestrator)                                    SONY Pictures

Miracles (Songs/Source)                                                      ORION PICTURES

Wisdom (Song Producer)                                                    Gladden Entertainment

Television: Themes & Underscore

America’s Funniest Home Videos (All Theme/Score)       Vin Di Bona/ABC Prod’ns

America’s Funniest People (Theme/Score)                        Vin Di Bona/ABC Prod’ns 

World’s Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown                   Freedom Development LLC

Your Show of Shows (Theme)                                             Lorimar

Crimes Of The Century (Theme/Score)                             Don Ohlmeyer/ABC-TV

Boardwalk and Baseball Superbowl Sports Trivia             ESPN

Paranormal Project (Theme/Score)                                    Discovery America

Chicken Soup For The Soul (Theme/Score)                      Vin Di Bona Prod’ns

The Dating Experiment (Theme/Score)                            Vin Di Bona Prod’ns

I Survived A Disaster (Theme/Score)                                 Vin Di Bona Prod’ns

Funniest Comedy Duos                                                     Eytan Keller Prod’ns/NBC-TV

Storm The Castle (Theme/Score)                                      Vin Di Bona Prod’ns

America’s Greatest Pets (Theme/Score)                           UPN/JC Shardo

CBS Schoolbreak Specials-6 (Themes/Scores)                David Eagle/CBS Prod’s

ABC Afterschool Specials-1 (Theme/Score)                    David Eagle/CBS Prod’ns

Hitler & Stalin, Legacy of Hate (Theme/Score)               CBS News (Ent. Div.)

Attack! Andre Agassi  (Theme/Score)                             Parade

Crystal Light Nat’l Aerobic Championships (Theme)    Howard Schwartz Prod’ns

Animal Crack-Ups (Arranger Theme/Score)                   Vin Di Bona Prod’ns

New Vaudevillians (Theme/Live Band)                           RC Entertainment/Disney Channel

Sports Comedy Network (Theme/Score)                       OCC Prod’ns/CBS-TV

Tears Of Sorrow, Tears Of Joy (Theme/Score)               David Eagle/ABC-TV

World’s Funniest Videos (Theme/Score)                        Vin Di Bona Prod’ns

Women Of Brewster Place (Source Cues)                     Oprah Winfrey Prod’ns

Over 17 Not Admitted                                                    CBC

Mickey Mouse Club (Composer)                                   Disney

Fast Copy (Composer)                                                   Don Ohlmeyer

Phyllis George Show/Pilot (Theme)                              Don Ohlmeyer

Starshot (Theme)                                                            ESPN

Television: Animation

Disney’s Quack Pack (Composer)                                Disney

Woody Woodpecker Show (Composer)                     MCA Universal 

Wet, Wild & Wooley (Theme/Score)                           Vin Di Bona Prod’ns

Television: Corporate Logos

Vin Di Bona Logo                                                          Vin Di Bona Productions

RC Entertainment Logo                                                RC Entertainment

I.N.I. Logo Theme                                                         Independent Network Inc./Irv Hollander

Flintstones 30th Anniversary Logo                              Hanna-Barbera Productions

Howard Schwartz Productions Logo                           Howard Schwartz Productions 


History of Hoover Dam (Visitors Center Film)             Eddie Pong Prod'ns/Bureau of Reclaimation

Douglas County Search & Rescue Training                Douglas County Search & Rescue


Un Poco Mas De Mi-Valerie Lynch (string arr.)           Polydor International (2 million sold)

A Whispered Warning -Slider-Glenn                          ITI Records

Tales From The Crypt Christmas (producer/arr.)       Capitol Records

All By Myself-Dennis Bono (producer/arranger)      USA Records Inc.

So Easy To Love- Rachel Sweet (producer/arr.)        ITC Productions

Love  Is Like A Chainsaw-Ted Nugent (prod./arr.)    ITC Productions

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